12 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Laptop in Pakistan?

Why You Should Buy a Used Laptop in Pakistan

Looking for a laptop upgrade but not sure if you should buy a used one or a new one? If yes, go for a used laptop, as buying a second-hand laptop in Pakistan has a lot of benefits.

Gone are the days when laptops were considered a luxury. Nowadays, having a laptop is a necessity. Students and freelancers primarily can not function properly with laptops.

Pakistan has a massive market for used laptops to buy and sell. Students usually prefer buying second-hand laptops as they are tight on budget. But worry not, as getting a used laptop has its perks. A few of them are being explored in this article.

Benefits of buying a used laptop in Pakistan

Used laptops are Cost-effective:

Buying a new laptop is always costly and strains one’s pocket. Those who want to start their freelancing career and need better specs might not be able to afford them, as with good specs comes a great price.

For such buyers, getting a used laptop in Pakistan is always a better option. They can look for the specs they want and then buy the same laptop for almost half the price. This way, they can enjoy high-quality laptop models at a fraction of the price difference.

The best option for students:

Nowadays, especially after COVID-19, studies have also gone online, and students need to have a laptop more than ever before. We all know how expensive education can be in Pakistan.

With the burden of course books, hostel fees, tuition fees, and transportation fees, one can not afford to buy a laptop that can meet their academic needs.

They can instead look at online markets that sell second-hand laptops. This way, they can find the laptop that meets their needs and is on budget.

Have high-end features at lower rates

Suppose you need a 12th generation core i5 Lenovo laptop for your office work but only have half of the budget.

You can only get a 6th generation new laptop in your price range. In that case, your best bet would be to get a second-hand 12th-generation Core i5. This way, you will enjoy all the specs of a 12th-generation laptop at an affordable price.

In addition, you will be exploring features like ample storage, fast processing, and advanced graphics at unbelievable prices.

Second-hand laptops are more reliable:

If you are under the impression that new laptops are more reliable than older ones, it may not be accurate. New laptops have a break-in period when bought. This period refers to the time frame when new laptops will show issues.

These issues can be resolved as they are minor, but once a laptop survives that period and is still working fine, there is nothing more reliable than that device.

Therefore, when you buy used laptops, you will get the ones that are past their break period and are now less likely to have issues.

In addition, the seller thoroughly examines the laptops before selling them. He looks out for any malfunctions and repairs before selling. So you will get a laptop that will have no issues and is likely to stay malfunction-free for a good amount of time in the future.

Secondhand Laptops require less tech support

When you buy a brand new laptop, you will have to install different software to make it compatible with your use. During installation, some software might not work, and you will need tech support to do so.

However, if you get a refurbished laptop, you will not have to deal with tech issues as they have already been dealt with.

Buying a refurbished laptop is environmentally friendly

If you buy a used laptop in Pakistan, you are actually reducing electronic waste and helping the environment. Every year in Pakistan, tons of electronic waste is produced that pollutes the environment.

If you buy a laptop that is most likely going to end up in a landfill, you will be saving the environment by reducing the toxins present in electronic waste.

In addition, going for old laptops also saves the natural resources required to make a new laptop.

You can find a variety of options

New laptops also have many options, but as mentioned above, it would burden your bank. Why break the bank if you can also find the same variety in used laptops?

Whether you are a graphic designer or working for a high-tech company, you can find various used laptops that fit your needs.

You can note down the specs you need and check many different options online; although the price will go up with each additional spec, it will not be as much as a new laptop.

Used Laptop have less bloatware:

Bloat wares are the software that come with new laptops or computers as they are pre-installed. Most of the time, these software programs are useless and only take up a lot of space, which, as a result, slows down the device.

One of the greatest perks of using a laptop is the fact that you will not have to deal with these trial versions of bloatware. Before selling, sellers usually remove the Bloatwares, and you can get a clean laptop that is ready to use as soon as you receive it.

Used Laptops retain their value

One of the main things that a tech buyer would love about his tech purchase is value retention. Suppose you buy a laptop, and when you sell it after ten years, if it’s sold at the same price, it has retained its value.

New laptops usually do not keep their value and sell at lower rates even if you sell them a few days after their use.  However, that’s different from old laptops as they have already lost their value and will now be sold at the same price even if you sell them after years of use.

Old laptops have fewer compatibility issues

People usually think that new laptops do not have compatibility issues, but to tell the truth, older laptops are more compatible. Most new laptops have upgraded hardware features, making them incompatible with older software versions.

Second-hand laptops have no add-ons

Add-ons are a part of every new version of the laptop. Many people throw away their money just for the sake of these unnecessary add-ons and end up buying a new laptop. Older laptops do not have these add-ons and are thus affordable.

Old laptops are upgradable without a cost

If you recently bought a new laptop, chances are it will be outdated when a newer version arrives in a few months. In that case, you will be tempted to buy that new version to access the latest features. With older laptops, you do have this temptation; you can instead upgrade the storage and RAM without spending money on many older laptops.

Things to consider while buying a used laptop in Pakistan:

Inspect the physical appearance

If you are locally buying your laptop and get to inspect it in person, then scan through its body and check for any missing screws, scratches, or any other irregularities you can spot. Even if that laptop is a beast in performance, if it looks like an old geyser, it’s not worth it.

Check the input and outputs

After the physical inspection, go for input and output checks. First, ensure the display is crisp and the brightness is in good condition.

Second, check the keyboard, trackpad, and speakers because most preloved laptops have some missing keys or messed up trackpad areas. If all of these work fine, then you can jump to the next inspection.

Inspect all ports

The next step is to check all the ports to see if they are working fine or not. Check USB, HDMI, audio, and all ports used by connected devices. If you don’t have these devices to check the ports at the time of buying, you can do a visual check and look out for any cracks or breakage in the ports.

Check battery health

While you are checking other components, check the battery percentage as well. Over time, these machines lose their battery life, which results in lower run time on the battery. So, check how fast the laptop charges and drains when buying a used laptop.


Lastly, you have to know if you are getting value for your buck. Many used laptop owners hike up their prices for literally no reason, so please check on that.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Many sellers expect it. Research similar laptops to know a fair price and use that to your advantage.

Final words:

In this era of expensive gadgets, do not strain your budget by buying expensive laptops when you can have the older ones at half the price. These laptops may be older, but they are affordable, reliable, and compatible. So why spend a fortune on these high-end laptops? Go to any local laptop shop in Pakistan and get your preferred specs at affordable rates.

So why overspend on laptops? Visit us and get budget-friendly, dependable used laptops in Pakistan at Prime Traders, top-quality options are waiting for you!

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